Applied Activities

Gratitude Challenge Sample Activities

Choose Kindness Challenge

  • Modeled after the month-long well-being challenge
  • November—in celebration of World Kindness Day on November 13
  • Create a calendar with daily acts of kindness. Participants could post their acts of kindness (with pics/video, if possible) on social media with the MCK graphic and/or #ChooseKindness, #ChooseKindnessChallenge, #MasonKindnessChallenge, etc, and we would choose a few to share in each publication of The George.
  • Volunteer with Grace Covenant Church outreach team: Mobile Hope truck, making care packages, and writing encouragement cards (see attached schedule). Contact: Wanda Broom,
  • Check out Mason’s HR & Payroll Recognition Toolkit
  • Print and place MCK logo on Mason food pantry bags.
  • Engage professors via the Stearns Center.
  • Create MCK videos with students.
  • Develop ideas for first year residential students to connect as some may feel isolated.