If you are interested in getting involved with the Mason Chooses Kindness Initiative, we would love to have you! We have several different committees and ways to get involved and engaged. For more information, please contact MCK Co-Chairs: Dr. Nance Lucas, Executive Director, Center for the Advancement of Well-Being at or Lewis Forrest, Associate Dean, University Life at

MCK Committees Committee Members
Executive Committee Nance Lucas, Co-Chair
Lewis Forrest, Co-Chair
Sherrene DeLong
Jennifer De La Rosa
Carissa Smith
Awards and Recognition Beth Baroody
Paul Bazzano
Phil Wilkerson
Sara Heming
Sheika Snow
Community-Wide Initiatives Melissa Schreibstein
Dawn Hicks
Rachel Wernicke
Michael Galvin
Phil McDaniel
Evaluation & Assessment Michael Galvin
Phil McDaniel
Faculty/ Staff Engagement including Outreach to Affinity Groups Rick Holt
Shannon Osborne
Millie Rivera
Amy Snyder
Linn Jorgenson
Sara Montiel
Kheia Hilton
Susan Johnson
Robin Smith
Sherrene DeLong
Marketing & Communications Lisa Snyder
Jennifer De La Rosa
Kelly Reid
Whitney Hopler
Policies and Practices Krisztina Roder
Mary Horner
Katie Clare
Student Led Initiatives & Engagement including Outreach to Affinity Groups Ric McClendon
Aaron Muz
Lubna Zia-Uddin
Carissa Smith
Ivory Berry
Christie Michals