Kindness Ambassador

George Mason University and the Mason Chooses Kindness (MCK) team are proud to introduce the Kindness Ambassadorship. Kindness Ambassadors are selected from our university community, including students, staff, faculty, and alumni, for the ways in which they embody kindness and work to share it with others.

Nominations for the 2021-22 academic year will be selected through October 8, 2021.

What’s a Kindness Ambassador?

We are proud to recognize and celebrate Kindness Ambassadors from the Mason Community who are recognized for:

  • Their compassion and kindness towards others
  • Enthusiasm about spreading kindness
  • Positivity and joyfulness
  • Joy in helping others

Mason Kindness Ambassadors: 

  • Spread kindness throughout the Mason campus and community including their friends, collogues, and family.
  • Model the way for others to engage in kindness.
  • Share and spread awareness of MCK tools, resources, and events.
  • Participate in any MCK events/programs he/she/they are able to attend throughout the school year.

Why become a Kindness Ambassador?

  • University Wide recognition for your kindness and its positive impact to the Mason Community, including recognition from University senior leaders.
  • Mason Kindness Ambassador Certificate
  • MCK Kindness Ambassador Swag
  • Access to the MCK tool kit and learn about the connection between the formal knowledge of well-being and kindness.
  • Low-level and flexible time commitment (no regular meetings)
  • Opportunities for community engagement and networking through the MCK organization, its leaders, and partners across campus.

How can I become a Kindness Ambassador?

The MCK team will accept nominations each September. Nominations are open to all Mason students, faculty, staff, and alumni and can be easily made by filling out our nomination form. Nominees will be contacted by the MCK team to confirm their acceptance. Nominate a friend, colleague, or yourself today and let us celebrate kindness together!

Link to nomination form:

For any questions, please email us at