These pillars are the core values, commitments, and guideposts for all MCK activities. They bring authenticity to our collective work and as such, we aspire to embed them in the life of our university communities. We imagine a university where every member of our community lives into these pillars of kindness.

Education and Awareness
Fostering a culture of kindness at Mason through acts of genuine kindness, sharing our stories, and supporting one another, while educating the campus community around the importance of kindness

Positive Connections
Creating and discovering opportunities to support meaningful, interactive, and engaging connections.

Utilizing our strengths and talents to support a campus culture of kindness, incorporating our unbridled energy, enthusiasm, and creativity.

Courageous Advocacy
Being a champion for others through uncompromising acts that empower self and others.

Operating from a place of mindfulness, kindness, common humanity, and grace through understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Supporting the holistic development of individuals and groups in their social, spiritual, emotional, purpose, physical, and community well-being through evidence-based research and practices.